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Jean Paul Gaultier

JUNGLE. The Animal Imagery in Fashion

From 12 April to 3 September 2017, the Venaria Reale is hosting “Jungle. Animal imagery in fashion”, an exhibition which tells of the evolution of animalier - the various ways in which the coats and forms of animals have been interpreted by fashion. From the faithful rendering of the pattern to the invention of shapes and colours, through to the absolute metamorphosis between human and non-human creatures whose eyes are reflected in the clothes: animalier pays tribute to the animal world and, in doing so, exalts animality in style. From the costumes of the supermodel Veruschka to the insect creations of Thierry Mugler and the haute couture of Christian Dior: around a hundred spotted, zebra and tiger striped pieces for viewers to explore the patterns that marked the entry of animalier in the world of fashion and find out how this style became iconic and timeless.  

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