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Omnichannel Retail Intelligence, 4 areas of delivery

Omnichannel Retail Intelligence SS’17

In today’s highly competitive business environment, tight monitoring of benchmarks and competitors is critical to protect market share and identify expansion opportunities.
Ispira’s Omnichannel Retail Intelligence services provide the scientific evidence that help improve trading strategy, assortment offer, retail experience.
In 4-6 weeks we deliver quantitative reports with evidence and guidelines. Projects are carried out by our highly skilled team that gained experience helping international retailers in strategic and operational challenges.

We audit globally all distribution channels in 4 areas:
Market position and strategy
Productivity estimate
Range structure
Display KPIs

Our intelligence services are totally flexible service and allow to choose:
• number of stores to audit
• competitors and benchmarks
• locations
• timing of the audit
• frequency
• data and KPIs required

Audits are carried out in most retail sectors on any distribution channel and format:
• monobrand direct vs franchised stores
• online stores
• multibrand
• temporary, unconventional stores
• high street vs mall
• flagship vs standard and small stores

For further details on our services and deliverables download our white paper or contact us at

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