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Author: simo
Description: Turin – Via Garibaldi - Women and Men Spring Summer 2010 Collection – from the left white cotton short dress with bustier and shoulder starps with white cotton long-sleeve shirt accessorized with necklace, yellow cowgirl large flap with shoulder strap and flap and leather platform sandals, white cotton half-length sleeved shirt with blue V neck stretch cotton short-sleeved t-shirt and denim jeans accessorized with Ozzyu sunglasses, watch and white Donato shoes, yellow cowgirl large satchel with two handles, blue stretch sterling denim bustier with adjustable shoulder straps with beige sleeveless cardigan and white starlet coloured bun skinny pants accessorized with brown large satchel with two handles and Sisi leather platform sandals, white cotton sleeveless top with stretch denim skirt accessorized with Ontario leather belt, brown large satchel with two handles and Darwin hand-woven leather platform sandals
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Uploaded on: 17/06/2010
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