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Louis Vuitton Window History - Weeks 33 to 38

clothing, apparel, fashion

7 windows: 2 large at the sides of the entrance, 1 large graphic, 4 small for bags, accessories, sunglasses

Main windows are updated rougly every other week. Lateral windows have been changed only once in the 6 weeks period.

Week 33: brown and purple dominant colors in bags in accessories, black and pink in shoes

Week 34: all windows changed. Bags went to even more brown in the first window, bags replaced shoes in window No2.

Week 35: only the graphic window changed from jewelry to clothings and bags

Week 36: the 2 main windows changed, the first one with minor differences, the second with the new look. In the following 2 weeks the focus product has been changed weekly in window No.2

Week 37: no changes other than in window 2

Week 38: changes in the 2 main windows

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