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Prada Window History - Weeks 33 to 38

clothing, apparel, fashion

6 windows - 3 women, 2 total look, 1 accessories - 3 men, all total look

Week 33: brown and light purple colors; summer outfit for women

Week 34: 5 windows changed, women still on brown and light purple, men on dark grey, grey, brown, black; summer outfit for women

Week 35:  women's windows unchanged, men's closed with graphics

Week 36: women's windows closed with graphics, men's changed with grey, blue, dark brown outfits

Week 37: all windows changed, women's with dark grey and black outfits - fall season, men's with light and dark grey an black outifts. Womens's and Men's formal outlooks are introduced.

Week 38: one women's and one men's windows chaged

Tags: windowspradaluxuryfashion
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