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Mother's Day windows and Visual Communication

clothing, apparel, fashion

Mom's Day is a short event in retailers’ commercial calendar, lasting in store little more than one week, nevertheless reasonable level of visibility is given through windows and visual communication. Most relevant categories are perfumery, health & beauty, premium chocolate, jewelry, underwear and occasionally clothing retailers.

3 main levels of store communication are used:

Films –The Body Shop, Morellato, L’Occitane, Swarovski,

Graphics - Douglas, Extyn, L’Erbolario, La Gardenia, Lush, Plaisir, Yves Rocher,

POP material - Bijou Brigitte, Bottega Verde, Kelemata, Limoni, Lindt, Mariannoud, Sephora, Yamamay

Finally, brands as Tiffany don’t communicate mother’s day in store but grant prime visibility on the website

unleashed . (01/06/2012 - 10:27)

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